Friday, May 11, 2012

{edited !!! )MerrukTechnology Kernel 2.0 PRE-FINAL !!!!( only for stock rom)

 [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel 2.0 PRE-FINAL  (it is does not has overclocking features !!!)

features of this kernel !!!

1.first of all this is damn fast !!! no need of  v6 (for those who still thinks v6 is hard shit to eat !!!!)

2.improved gpu performance !!!!( many of the users experenced it!!!!}

3.improved battery life !!!! this is biggest hit of this kernel !!!( i my self is a proof !!!)

4.increased sd write and read speed !!!!

5.and last but not least it has cpu governers and input output shedulders !! ( atlast we got these hi-fi feature)

guys this kernal is made by merryk and is fastttttttttt and stable AND HAS NO WHAT U SAY " BUGS " !!! and lot better than v 1.08 

ok guys this kernal is working flawless on stock rom !!! custom roms have to wait for final version !!!!


1 . data wipe and cache !! via stock recovery or cwm mode!!! so start backing up ur apps and data !!!

2 reboot and root ur fone now ( for those who wants to root ) this step is not necessary as rooting is not need for this kernal but i have faced issuse if i install kernal first and then root my fine !!! hope u did understand!!!! this and extract on sd not in any folder !!!!  link this and keep it  on desktop !!  link

5 .go into download mode !! ( press volume down + power and home button simultaniouly!!)

6open odin with adminstrative rights !!!!
   u dont have odin !!!! wtf here it is link

7 leaving these place blank ( this includes pit ' bootloader ' csc phone)  !! but in pda place choose the file u downloaded in step 4 !!
   it should look like this

8 now connect ur fone to pc and u will see yellow box !!!!!

9 after seeing yellow box hit start but and wait till green colours comes !!!!

10.remove ur fone from pc and reboot it !!! and feel the difference !!!

11. download cpu master from market to see its new features !!!

guys this the best way i can teach this thing still u dont understood i cant help it !!
 and for those guys who r thinking that this thing is shit then i will laugh @ u !! u guys dont know what this shit is made up of !!!

hope u will definetly enjoy after doing this !!!! and is this the only way to increase any phone performance !!!

and once agin i thanks merruk for this awesome thingy hope he will add new things in his upcoming kernals !!!!

any problems !! occured dont worry flash stock rom via odin method !!!!

i m enjoying and hope u will enjoy !!! and dont forget to benchmark ur SGY !!!!

guys after installing kernal !!!!! hope u enjoying  it !!!!
guys u have to do one more thing

flash the below zip via cwm mode using skin1980 zip steps r same as same as installing custom rom !!! but u dont need to wipe dat or cache

y u neeed to flash this zip ??? wanna know the ans vist our fb page to get ans as xplanation here will take time !!!




  1. the last flashing to do that ??could you explain?new to it

  2. flashing the resetbin zip file

  3. may i still use this in Creed's ROM even though you said that i should wait for final version? :))

  4. neilerzzz if you want to test this you can... MY ADVISE: BACK UP Your files :)

  5. Can you give me instructions on how to do step #1?? Please.. :D


  6. works perfectly..:) this compatible with creeds?:)

  7. my phone is not detected by odin...there is no yellow box shown.....
    what should i do?????

  8. can't overclock to 900mhz(T__T)


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