Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Temple Run fix for auto-die on Samsung Galaxy Y + Unlimited coins ( And other ARMv6 phones )

Hi guys,
Today i'm going to post a fix for temple run.
Rooted SGY or Other ARMv6 device.
Temple Run (1.0.3) <<<<<< Click me 
GameCIH <<<<<< Click me

1) Root your ARMv6 device.
2) Open Chainfire3D and select 'Default OpenGL settings' and then select 'Reduce texture quality'
and select 'Use plugin' and select 'QUALCOMM'.
3) Close Chainfire3D, install GameCIH and Temple Run.
4) Open GameCIH, after opening GameCIH click home button.
5) After clicking home button you will get a toolbar the GameCIH toolbar.
6) Now open Temple Run, and play the tutorial and fix the 'texture problem' by watching this video:

Temple run fix for texture problem:

Temple run fix for auto-die+Unlimited coins.


7) After finishing the tutorial and fixing the 'texture problem' go to the 'STORE' of Temple Run.
8) Now you're in the 'STORE' of Temple Run, remember your gold coins amount. ( in my case it's 136 coins).
9) Now open the toolbar of GameCIH and select the 'The Magnifying Glass' and then select 'Input Number'.
10) Now write on the bar your current cold coins, and then select 'OK'.
11) GameCIH will find a lot of results, don't worry it's ok.
12) Return to the game ( Back button ).
13) Start the game, and get some coins, and then die.
14) Go back to the 'STORE'.
15) Open the GameCIH toolbar and select 'The Magnifying Glass' and then select 'Input Number'.
16) Enter the new amount you have now ( in my case it's 157 coins ).
17) GameCIH will find one or two variables that you can change.
18) Click on the second ( if you find two like in the video ).
19) Now write in the bar the amount you want.
20) Return to the game ( Back button ).
21) Now go back to the 'STORE' and there is your amount.
22) Now buy the wings in the 'STORE' (3:35)
23) Now start the game and then 'double tap' on your screen, the wings will be activated.
24) After 250m the guy will die but he will come back.
25) Have fun with this trick!!!!!!


  1. hey please reply . when i open the gamecih it always says please wait and nothing happen
    can you fix the gamecih?

    1. go to your settings/applications/development and chek usb debugging . it should work now .

  2. Thanks dude..
    It works on my sgy.

  3. hey texture prob is nt fixing plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  4. it has problem in instalation i dont even get the icon :(

  5. Can You Please Update Link (Small Tip: Dont upload this time to Mediafire) If you will do so i will Write a Good Review in Alexa for you :D;)

  6. Game CIH link has been deleted from mediafire. Can you please post a new link?


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