Sunday, May 6, 2012

(only custom rom) !!how to get 15 mb to 25 mb free space of internal memory !!!

okay this is it for getting free space  !!! and definatley not for noobs !!!

1. custom rom !!!
2.user should know how to remove crap system apps from system ( bloatware )
3.titanium backup pro

lets go ahead

open tt backup then press menu soft key for options u will see as above and then choose clean up dalvik cache !!!
then see ur system rom freee space mine is 70 mb ( as i removed all holy shit frm ma phone!!) urs may be different therefore for eg lets asume ur custom rom has 40 mb free space !!! okay rmeember 4o mb in ur mind and now press menu and this time choose integrate sys dalvik cache and tt backup will show u some no lets take it show 20 mb !!! so press ok to integtrate as 20 mb is less than 40 mb of free space !!! if ur freee spce is less for ex lets take 13 mb than u cant integrate as 2omb free space is needed !!! so u have remove bloatware frm ur system rom for that u check ma older post ! after removing crap u can do ma above steps !!! remember free space should be more than integtrateble memory

now check ur internal memory u will be suprised !!!!!

now how to integrate apps to system memory to save internal memory !!!

ok choose tab backup/and restore  ( see above pic) u will seee many appps !!!

to teach u i take ex of adobe flash player !!!
hold and press on appp u will see like this ( below pic )

then do a force close app ..... wait for sec 

then scroll down and u will see more options 

now select convert to system app !!! 

yo u r done ur app is in system rom tahts it !! now u can cinvert any app to system app 
but i noteced some app dont work properly after integrating to rom so for that just do a data wipe for taht respective app so it will now work

guys as i m not well so i cant clear ur doubts  so plz ask each other to clear doubts 

hope u guys understood wat i said 

if not then u r


thats  all can i say!!! 

take care gud bye !!!!
luv ya



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