Sunday, April 29, 2012

wat is rooting ??and y shoud v do it ???

Generally we all know Android is an open source operating system but users on advance level knows it comes with some limitations that one cannot gain full access to some of its features. Basically these limitations are there for inexperienced users to avoid unnecessary damage to their devices. There are restrictions for users so they don't end up messing up their devices or settings.

Take an example of Windows Operating System. If you try to trick something in Systems folder or anything tricky you would do to your device you will end up having errors, booting issues and etc. But what if you are not allowed to enter the System folder of your operating system? Yeah you got the idea now, you will not be able to trick it and so you won't be having any issues or whatsoever.

Your Android devices by default comes with this security mechanism enabled known as Bootmenu Locked,  S-On, Unrooted.

Now from above mentioned Windows Example we can say it comes locked means we are unable to access our systems folder. Now to access this folder we need to Root , S-Off or unlock bootmenu

Now you know what rooting is. It means gaining superuser permissions or, as it is more popularly known, rooting your Android smartphone/tablet is the process by which you bypass the limitations put in pace by your device manufacturer to become the true master of your device. Yes A Master!
Further there is an app called Super User is installed in your device to allow or control access to different applications or features.
If you follow DroidReader regularly you will see many tutorials about rooting android devices, a tutorial about yours may also be there

Benefits of Rooting
If you have a rooted android device you will enjoy following benefits of rooting

  • Applications
You will be able to install a number of apps which provides extra or unusual privileges for example an application known as SetCPU will let you increase your device's processing capability to a certain level.
Or an application such as RootExplorer will let you access the root or system folder of your device.

  • Backup
You will be able to backup the whole system files and your data and can recover it anytime. It means it is now extremely hard to get your device bricked, you'll just get all data and system files back within few minutes.

  • Experiments/Personalization
You can flash/install any custom or modified Roms on your devices,

With some advantages and benefits of rooting there are some disadvantages as well.
  • Warranty
Rooting voids warranty of your device. You are now master of your device and you are responsible for your device. Why would your retailer or manufacture will do a thing for you now?.  So before rooting keep this thing your mind you will not be able have anything fixed from your provider/retailer/manufacturer after rooting your device.

  • Damage
If you don't know how to root and you try to apply the wrong rooting method on your device, you may get your device bricked. 



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